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Edward Blomgren, Your Personal, Friendly, Independent Gemologist for Those Important Gem & Jewelry Purchases You Want To Be Sure Of !

Question: Do you really want to spend many thousands of dollars on a jewel - like an engagement ring - and not know whether the quality you're getting matches the price you're paying?
To a jewelry seller, if you don't ask the right questions, if you SIGNAL THAT YOU don' know gem markets and prices intimately, then you give the go-ahead for sellers to increase their margins or be unwilling to negotiate. That 's SOP in the gem world.
Do you want an expert, unbiased, opinion on your 3 or 4 choices? Would you like guidance on how to buy an engagement ring - smartly?
You must understand that the gem and jewelry world is a complex, often arcane, profit-driven one that realizes most people know little about gem values and markets. This works to their advantage, not yours.
Gemologist-appraisers approach purchases very, very differently, and can suss out good and bad deals.
I'll give you truly independent, unbiased viewpoints - because I'm neither buying or selling - I'm you're advocate.

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Buyer's Consultancy is an In-person Presence - 3 Hours, Total + More

Accompanying You To Jewelry Stores

Imagine how your confidence level shifts into high gear when you shop with a gemologist. Real time advice, security, and peace of mind!

At Your Home or Office

From the comfort and privacy of your home or office - for planning, strategizing - before, during, after your purchase!

In My Office

If you want traditional formality. [Disclosure: An old, private building that's not handicap-accessible / friendly + 4 flight of stairs.]

Meet at Your Cafe or Other Public Space

I love doing business in cafes, and so do many of my Asheville clients. My favorite is High 5 in Asheville, but feel free to suggest one of your choice.

At a Friend's House

Share the experience with friends!

Balloon, Anyone?

As a private pilot of aircraft, and also a balloon aficionado . . .I had one client fly with me while we discussed engagement ring options!

Gemological Training from . . . 

Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Carlsbad, CA

(The Harvard of gemological training and research)


Ecole de Gemmologie de Montreal, Canada

Additional diamonds and colored stone training and certifications at Ecole de Gemmologie de Montreal, 2007

Master Valuer InternationalTM Gem and Jewelry Appraiser certification, Fair Oaks, CA

Waldman Diamond Group, Ramat Gan, Israel

Alumnus, Gemological Institute of America

(Graduate Gemologist)



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