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GIA Graduate Gemologist

+ Certified MasterValuerTM International Gem and Jewelry Appraiser


Your Personal Jewelry Buying  Consultant - In-person Local, or Online / eBay


Gemstone Certifications

Identifying & Authenticating Diamonds and Colored Stones

(Determining Natural, Synthetic, Treated, Imitation, Lab-created and Enhanced Stones)


Licensed Investment Diamond Broker, Ramat Gan, Israel


Edward Blomgren, PhD

Graduate Gemologist (GIA)

MasterValuer InternationalTM Gem and Jewelry Appraiser

As WNC's independent gemologist (not affiliated with selling), I work with a small number of private clients who demand accurate and honest appraisals and gem consultations.







So, how can I help?




Gemstone Identifications,  Authentications, Second Opinions



An appraisal is an important legal document that needs to be researched and written correctly, to stand up in court or for an insurance claim, when you need it.

To do so, it needs to be issued by the right authority, a properly credentialed gemologist who is additionally trained in valuation science, i.e., appraising.

If not, unfortunately you won't know you have a problem until you need to use an appraisal to make a claim and it's rejected or downgraded.

"Free" appraisals by the Sellers of jewels are especially problematic due to a conflict of interest, and usually inflated valuations. They won't stand up in court. 

That's a common practice intended to play on your ego . . . but you pay the price with higher-than-necessary premiums.

Learn the real market value of your jewel with a professional appraisal.

2nd Opinions

Gemstone Identifications and Authentications

The only way to accurately know the identity of a stone, and whether it's natural (and furthermore, if it's untreated or treated!) or lab-created, or a synthetic, or a composite of two or more materials, and more - is to analyze it using several lab tests. 

It's best to keep in mind that the color of a stone is one of the most unreliable ways to identify a gem. Never rely on color exclusively.

Use this service if you possess a found gem, inherit gems and jewelry, or want to confirm an online or auction acquisition.

A gem ID will provide trade name; gem variety (when necessary); species & group; whether it's natural, synthetic, treated, etc.

Please note that a gem identification is not an appraisal; i.e., it will not have any valuation attached to it. For this you'll need to purchase an appraisal.




As Your Expert Personal Buying Consultant

~ For Local Purchases of Important Diamonds and Other Jewels


Shopping for an engagement or anniversary ring, or other fine jewel, BEGINS with your imagination, dreams, and desires.

But the world of fine jewels is a complicated one requiring expert guidance from someone who is profesionally trained and experienced in the gem markets.

This service is for those who are comfortable using professionals like physicians, lawyers, financial planners, and other professionals to ensure quality outcomes.

Consider partnering with an expert consultant graduate gemologist about buying choices, about quality, price, and future value.

Click below to arrange for a free consultation to see if this service works for you!




Get a Consultation  Before  You Bid or Buy ONLINE!

All you need to do is send me the link / URL of the jewel you're interested in! It's that simple. I'll review

  1. the listing details (both what's stated and unstated);
  2. any photographs (a gemologist sees clues in photos but isn't seduced by them), and;
  3. and I'll grill the Seller for you, asking questions you wouldn't know to ask.
  4. Then, I'll email or call you with the findings and recommendations.

Investment Grade Diamonds  and Colored Gemstones

"Pay attention to what the smartest guys in the room are doing."

UHNWIs* Drive the Investment-Grade Diamonds Market

Investment grade diamonds (IGDs) - both colorless and fancy colored diamonds - are an asset class like fine art, wine, and collectible cars . . . and can be an important part of a smartly diversified portfolio for the future.

IGDs have been stable and significant in their appreciation over the decades. As such, IGDs also represent a flight to safety and quality, especially in times when traditional retail "paper" investments are under attack.

* UHNW refers to Ultra-high Net Worth individuals. They "make" these markets and keep them very, very stable for themselves. Ask yourself: why is that?



Select Colored Gemstones as an Investment, or Hedge

Fine emeralds, rubies, alexandrites, sapphires, Paraiba and copper-bearing tourmalines (above photo), and others are a store of value favored by elites for centuries.

Locating one of these Tier I stones may take a few months. It requires searching exclusive secondary and auction markets as well as certain wholesale venues.

Tier II stones are more affordable, and make fine acquisitions for the future.



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