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Edward Blomgren, PhD

As a former clinical psychologist, I'm also a life-long gem geek. Since "retiring" as a shrink, gemology, health coaching, and teaching tennis players to level up performance using lucid dreams are my "second careers."

      I'm totally obsessed with gems . . . their beauty and functionality, as adornments and as personal statements of art, and as stores of value (especially in uncertain political times). I've been a gem nut for over 55 years!

      I take pride in translating the complexities of the gem world into understandable terms for my clients. I provide value to you through honest, informed valuations and identifications that are independent.

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Other Stuff

But . . . not just a gem geek, I have a few other passions to round things out.

When not working with sparkly stones, I could be in the air or under water (as an FAA licensed pilot; a free-fall skydiver, a PADI** scuba diving instructor). 

On land, I teach lucid dreaming and OOBEs for high performance tennis players and high achievers, along with being a health coach specializing in nicotine addiction and harm reduction.

In season, I'm hitting a fuzzy yellow ball around as a competitive 4.0 singles tennis player.

I also study cryptocurrency, having made a small fortune since 2010 in BTC and ETH, and enjoy mentoring upcoming crypto-geeks.

"I love to fly, and jump out of airplanes . . . but not at the same time."

-Edw. Blomgren
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Augmenting my work as a clinician, I hold a 2500 hour diplomate in homeobotanical therapy from the Australasian College of Health Sciences, and certifications in hypnodontics, medical, and analytical hypnotherapy as well as training as a health coach from Coachville, (and a founding member).

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More gemology, on valuation

     I also acquired additional gem and jewelry appraising credentials to be able to value gems and jewelry according to the right markets. [certified by Master Value International]

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The Head

As a bibliophile, I'm a published author, and former clinical psychologist (since 1984), and a Svaroopa yoga instructor and embodyment therapist.

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SCUBA Instructor

It's like flying, but underwater.

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