About Edward Blomgren, PhD

As a former clinical psychologist, I'm also a life-long gem geek. Since "retiring" as a shrink, gemology and health coaching is my second career.

      I'm totally obsessed . . . their beauty and functionality, as adornments and as personal statements of art, and as stores of value (especially in uncertain political times). I've been a gem nut for over 55 years!

      I take pride in translating the complexities of the gem world into understandable terms for my clients. I provide value to you through honest, informed valuations and identifications that are independent.

     Gemology is a science. At the GIA* we were taught how to be professional gem detectives, acquiring the skills to gather clues in each gem. We use the chemistry of chromophores, the study of inclusion morphology and precise measurements of light from a gemstone (using refraction, spectroscopy, pleochroism, and dichroscopy). We “solve the case”— by identifying the gem, and also their treatments and enhancements, and whether the stone is natural or lab-created, and lots more.

     I also acquired additional gem and jewelry appraising credentials to be able to value gems and jewelry according to the right markets. [certified by Master Value International]

     But . . . not just a gem geek, I have a few other passions to round things out. When not working with sparkly stones, I could be in the air or under water (as an FAA licensed pilot; a free-fall skydiver, a PADI** scuba diving instructor). On land, I teach lucid dreaming and OOBEs for high performance and achievers, along with being a health coach specializing in nicotine addiction and harm reduction. In season, I'm hitting a fuzzy yellow ball around as a competitive 4.5 singles tennis player.

     As a bibliophile, I'm a published author, and former clinical psychologist (since 1984), and a Svaroopa yoga instructor and embodyment therapist.

     Augmenting my work as a clinician, I hold a 2500 hour diplomate in homeobotanical therapy from the Australasian College of Health Sciences, and certifications in hypnodontics, medical, and analytical hypnotherapy as well as training as a health coach from Coachville, (and a founding member).

      I don't do social media.

      Since leaving shrink practice in NY in 2010, Asheville is my home.

      Please let me know if I can be of service! I enjoy office and house calls at no charge, if that works for you.


* Gemological Institute of America, Carlsbad, CA

** PADI, Professional Association of Diving Instructors #32777


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